Game of Thrones

Discover how to explore the fantasy world of Game of Thrones within Northern Ireland

Are cassette tapes coming back?

Cassette tapes are a historical format. Outdated and inferior in practically to modern streaming and electronic formats but with a sudden surge of sales, are cassette tape coming back to the mainstream?

Guinness Storehouse

Discover more about the Guinness Storehouse with Happy Ireland Productions.

How Vinyl Records are Made

Discover the story behind vinyl records are made from start to finish with Happy Ireland Productions!

How does a cassette tape work?

The cassette tape or simply cassette saved countless hours of recorded sounds, music and dialogue but how did it work?

Titanic Movie

Discover the tale of the Titanic movie. A blend of fact and fiction, giving an insight into the passengers and crews story on the disastrous voyage.

Totem Pole

Conway House Hotel, Dunmurry. Learn more about this property near Belfast and its most unique totem pole, a wonderful piece of Native American art.

Magheradroll Graveyard

Situated in Ballynahinch. Magheradroll’s walls stand in grandeur and ruins. Learn more about this old grave churchyard with Happy Ireland Productions.

A Curse in the Blacksmith’s Forge

This tale follows a curse enacted on the banks of the River Feale and where seven brothers of blacksmith trade swore vengeance onto foul play.