Ulster place names in the United States

Ulster place names in the United States

Every state in the United States contain at least one town or village with the same name as an Ulster town. Pennsylvania , main gateway in the 18th century for nearly 200,000 immigrants from N.I. , has at least a score of places named after Ulster towns.  In the U.S. there are 18 Belfasts, 18 Tyrones and seven Derrys and over 20 Bangors. Whilst there are a large number of Hillsboroughs,Newcastles, Greencastles, Malones and Bloomfields. 

 There are over 500 place in the U.S. with names beginning with Mac, among which a great many –from Macafee and Macbride  to Macwhorter and Macwillie – have an Uster ring. Oddly enough, the only name beginning with ‘Bally’ to survive the Atlantic crossing is Ballyclough ,in Iowa. There is one village called simply ,Bally, in Pennsylvania – but it was named after a Jesuit priest Father Augustin Bally. ‘The Killys’, ‘Magheras’, ‘’Carricks  And other characteristic Ulster prefixes failed to survive phoenitic mapmaking in America.

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