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Betamax to DVD 

Betamax Tape is a video cassette recording technology that uses magnetic tape 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) in width. It was originally developed by Sony in Japan. The Betamax cassette was physically smaller than a VHS cassette and had less recording time than VHS cassettes. The format is now virtually obsolete. However, the television industry still uses an updated version called Betacam.


As Sony was being humiliated in the VHS vs Betamax war, a similar battle was being fought in the professional video arena with very different results. Betacam, launched in 1982, was a great success in the professional market for its quality and reliability. The original Betacam cassettes were basically the same as Betamax. The difference was that Betacam used component video rather than composite, and recorded at a much higher tape speed. Betamax and Betacam tapes were interchangeable (unlike the later Betacam SP tapes). The Betacam tapes came in two sizes: S (small) and L (large) and the Betacam cameras used the S size. Betacam tape decks could use either size.

Betacam SP

The successor to Sony’s Betacam is the Betacam SP which was launched in 1986. It went on to become the most successful general-purpose professional video format of the 20th Century. The “SP” stands for “Superior Performance”, which was achieved by using a metal-formulated tape instead of oxide. The horizontal resolution was increased to around 360 lines. Tape sizes were the same as Betacam.

Digital Betacam

Sony introduced the Digital Betacam in 1993. It was also called Digibeta or D-Beta and was a replacement for the analogue Betacam SP format. Digital Betacam was superior in performance to DVCam and DVCPro. Cassette sizes are the same as other Beta versions: S (small) tapes record up to 40 minutes, L (large) tapes record up to 124 minutes.

Bulk pricing (£)

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Please note bulk pricing only applies to the following formats: Betamax, HDV and U-Matic. Pricing applies with mix and match of mentioned tapes.

Bulk pricing (€)

No. of Tapes€ per Tape

Please note bulk pricing only applies to the following formats: Betamax, HDV and U-Matic. Pricing applies with mix and match of mentioned tapes.

Additional DVD copies

Get additional DVD copies from £5 / €6 per copy

Tape Repair Service

Repair Tapes starting at £/€ 15

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How Does It Work?

We operate through drop-in and collection with either our main headquarters in Belfast or through our partners. The respective team member will walk you through our process and get everything organised, it’s that simple! Once Happy Ireland Productions receives your order, we go through the necessary quality checks and inspection then begin digitising your precious memories into DVD or a digital file. You’ll receive your original media with your digital copies at the respective outlet you dropped it in.

What Can I Digitise?

Our experts and technicians are proud when we say we can digitise over 50 different formats of analogue media to your choice of DVD and USB or both! This includes a range of videotapes, records and audio tapes, cine film, slides and negatives. We challenge you to find a format we can’t transfer.

How Long Does It Take?

We ask for 7-10 business days for all transfer services upon receiving your media. However, we may need additional time to process your order due to the order size, promotions or public holidays.

I Think My Tape Could Be Blank, Will I Be Charged?

Rest assured, you will not! During the inspection, any blanks will be documented in the final report which is included in your order.

Do I Get Charged By Video Length?

Nope, we charge each tape individually regardless of content time. So one tape could be 30 mins long and another 8 hours long but you’ll be charged accordingly! Did we mention it’s affordable too?