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Cine Transfer

When transferring cine film, we use traditional HD telecine systems and custom built digital projectors with LEDs. These give far superior image capture, with no risk of burning your precious memories. When transferring your cine to DVD, we use the best equipment for the job, depending on the type and quality of your cine.

We always treat each order as a special case, testing each transfer system to get the best possible results for you. These are real memories, transferred in real time, to be really special.

We combine 30 years of experience with the latest technologies, providing you with the best quality transfer possible. Other companies rely on a hands off approach, letting computers do all the work. But we make sure there is a trained technician overseeing every stage, making sure the final product meets our high standards.

Your memories are precious. Why risk losing them to an automated transfer system?

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Any Cine Reels

There’s no additional fee for differing reel sizes, speeds or types eg 8mm, Super8, 16mm.




Sound Transfers

If you have audio clips on your Cine film we will capture, filter, digitise and record it back onto your DVD movies (Super8 to DVD usually has audio and 8mm is silent)



 Image Cropping

Most Cine films have a dark fuzzy frame around the edge, we crop this out (zoom in just a littlle to push the fuzzy black frame out of view) Concerned about cropping? See our Technical Page.

Unrestricted Play

We do not charge extra to play your discs in other countries. Our DVDs are PAL region zero this means they will play anywhere in the PAL world.

Speed Correction

We carefully check each film manually, adjusting playback speed. This is because sometimes movies are filmed with different speeds on different film cameras. Unlike others we never respool your films onto one big reel, press a button and go.

Editing out Blank Portions

Occasionally all your film is not used up and your have a blank bit at the end. Therefore our technicians monitor all your movie and stop it at the best point. You will not find any large blank areas in your DVDs or Videos.

Recorded in any Sequence

If you prefer your films transferred in a specific order then simply bundle them into similar types and number them. We don’t charge extra.

Movie Chapter Points

We digitally encode these on your DVD so that you can press fast forward or skip huge areas whilst watching on your TV using your DVD players remote control device.

Back Up DVD Copies

We keep back-up copies of your DVD in our extensive library. If you ever loose your Cine Films or DVD’s we can make more.

 Lifetime Guarantee

Our DVDs are copied onto Professional stock backed with a Lifetime Guarantee not to fail under normal usage.