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Recapture old memories with our expert transfer services. Happy Ireland Productions are a leading provider of audio and video transfer services throughout Ireland. We specialise in all formats including video transfer, cassettes, reel to reel, photographs, photographic slides, and cine film. Create the perfect gift with our fast and reliable service.

Audio Transfer

We take great care with all audio formats, from dictaphone tapes to reel to reels. This is because most are easily damaged and hard to repair


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Image Scanning

We deal with all kinds of image media, including 110 and medium format negatives, which most non-professionals won’t attempt to transfer.

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Cine Transfer

When transferring cine film, we use traditional HD telecine systems and custom built digital projectors with LEDs. These give far superior image capture, with no risk of burning your precious memories.

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Video Tape Transfer

With over 35 years experience transferring outdated media to modern formats, we know just how precious your memories are.

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Digital Media to DVD

Technology has a predictable habit of marching on. Meanwhile, your digital media can become dated, leaving you with no way of accessing memorable photographs or home movies.

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Video Conversion

Video cassette formats differ throughout the world, with multiple regions in existence. The drawback of the variations is that you cannot play all of them on a standard VCR player.

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Our Locations

With over 230 locations throughout the Island of Ireland we’re never far from you!

We’ve Worked With

We’ve provided our services to many organisations including…